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Details of Registered Guides & No of Scholars
S NoName of the TeacherYear of Registration No of Scholars
1Dr. K.Rajasekhar201415
2Dr. K.S. Balamurugan201434
3Dr. Ch.H.K. Gopal201423
4Dr. B.Srinivasa Rao201213
Details of Scholars Obtained Degree under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarAwarded Year
1Dr. K.S. BalamuruganJ.L. Rama PrasadHeat and mass transfer effects on hydro magnetic free convection flow through porous medium past an inclined surface FEB 2019
2Dr. Ch.H.K. GopalCh. NeerajaHydro magnetic convective heat and mass transfer flow with heat source, chemical reaction and thermal radiation APR 2019
3Dr. K.S. BalamuruganA. MythreyeChemical reaction effects on magneto hydrodynamic free convection boundary layer flows through a porous medium MAY 2019
4Dr. K.S. BalamuruganM. SudhakarHeat transfer and entropy generation characteristics of Newtonian fluid flows in channels JUN 2019
5Dr. Ch.H.K. GopalB. V. PadmavathiSome MHD convective flows through porous medium JUL 2019
6Dr. K.RajasekharK.ShaliniFluid Mechanics JAN 2021
7Dr. B.Srinivasa RaoP.SricharaniSome Statistical Quality Control Methods Based on Dagum Distribution FEB 2021
Details of Scholars working under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarRegistered Year
1Dr. K.RajasekharA.ShankarFluid Mechanics JAN 2014
2Dr. K.RajasekharP.David Kumar Fluid Mechanics JAN 2014
3Dr. K.RajasekharK.Anandha VardhanaFluid Mechanics JAN 2015
4Dr. K.RajasekharM.Sangeetha RaniFluid Mechanics JAN 2016
5Dr. K.RajasekharN.Swamy KallepalliFluid Mechanics JAN 2016
6Dr. K.S. BalamuruganA.K.Jelani SyedFluid Dynamics JAN 2014
7Dr. K.S. BalamuruganN.Jaya SreeFluid Dynamics JAN 2014
8Dr. K.S. BalamuruganS.SreelathaFluid Dynamics JAN 2014
9Dr. K.S. BalamuruganN.Udaya Bhaskar VarmaFluid Dynamics JAN 2016
10Dr. Ch.H.K. GopalCh.SubramanyamFluid Dynamics JAN 2011
11Dr. Ch.H.K. GopalSarat Kumari Fluid Dynamics JAN 2011
12Dr. Ch.H.K. GopalVenkata RamanaFluid Dynamics JAN 2014
13Dr. B.Srinivasa RaoAnil ArepalliSampling Plans based on NWEDJAN 2014
14Dr. B.Srinivasa RaoK.N.V.R.LakshmiSampling Plans and control charts based on NWPDJAN 2014
15Dr. B.Srinivasa RaoVRB Suseela Accepted Plans on EIWDJAN 2014