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Members of the committee

S. No. Name & Designation Position
01. Sri Ch.Srinivasa Rao, Training & Placement Officer Convener
02. Sri V.Jagadish, Placement Officer Member
03. Sri M.L.N.Krishna Sai, Asst.Prof., CE Member
04. Sri M.Srikanth Kumar, Asst.Prof., CE Member
05. Sri G.Phani Sankar, Asst.Prof., CE Member
06. Sri K.Siva Prasada Rao, Asst.Prof., ChE Member
07. Sri P.Rama Krishna, Asst.Prof., CSE Member
08. Sri M.Naveen, Asst.Prof., CSE Member
09. Sri M.Brahmaiah, Asst.Prof., CSE Member
10. Sri A.Murali Krishna, Asst.Prof., ECE Member
11. Sri N.Sudhir Kumar, Asst.Prof., ECE Member
12. Sri P.V.Krishna Kanth, Asst.Prof., ECE Member
13. Dr.N.C.Kotaiah, Professor, EEE Member
14. Sri Y.Sumanth, Asst.Prof., EEE Member
15. Sri K.Subrahmanyam, Asst.Prof., IT Member
16. Sri M.Siddhartha Kumar, Asst.Prof., IT Member
17. Sri B.Krishna Mohan, Asst.Prof., IT Member
18. Sri A.Rangaraya Chowdary, Asst.Prof., ME Member
19. Sri K.Purushottam Karteek, Asst.Prof., ME Member
20. Sri Sk.MD.Hasheer, Asst.Prof., ME Member
21. Sri K.Hari Prasad, Asst.Prof., ME Member
22. Dr.A.V.S.Ashok, Assoc. Prof., MS Member
23. Dr.M.Sridhar, Assoc.Prof., MCA Member
24. Sri K.Hanumantha Rao, Computer Operator, T&P Cell Member