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TRANSPORT INFORMATION (Route-wise & Shift-wise)

Committee Members

S.No.Name & DepartmentPosition
01. Dr.K.Praveen Kumar, Assoc. Prof., ME, Coordinator
02. Sri M.Srinivasa Rao, Asst.Prof., Chemistry Member
03. Sri V.Venkata Srinivas, Asst.Prof., IT Member
04. Ms.Ch.V.Madhavi Lakshmi, Asst.Prof., CSE Member
05. Sri Y.Sumanth, Asst.Prof., EEE Member
06. Sri K.Hari Prasad, Asst.Prof., ME Member
07. Dr.P.Vamsi Krishna, Asst.Prof., MS Member
08. Sri M.Venkateswara Rao, Tech-A, CE Member
09. Sri M.Koti Reddy, Tech-B, ECE Member
10. Sri P.Pratap, Junior Asst., Office Member
11. Sri V.H.Kishore Babu, Asst. Librarian, Library Member

Instructions To The Bus-Users

  1. Usage of Mobiles, Ear phones and any other Electronic gadgets for entertainment is strictly prohibited in buses.
  2. Bus users should carry College identity and Bus identity while travelling in the bus.
  3. Students should travel strictly according to their shifts only. Even during the examinations, they are not permitted or allowed in the irregular shifts.
  4. Students should maintain discipline in the college buses.
  5. If any student is having any problem he can register his complaint in the complaint book which is available at the concerned bus driver.
  6. Students should board the bus in their respective bus stops only.
  7. Regarding Bus Information students may contact Dr.K.Praveen Kumar, Coordinator Transport committee(Mobile : 9849652027).
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