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  • To develop entrepreneurial and intra-preneurial skills and techniques necessary to recognize problems, and develop & carryout realistic solutions to problems.

  • To educate Engineering students from business to non-business, innovation to invention within the existing business and in start-up business situations.

  • To create works of culture, nurture arts, host the intellectual conscience and discourse of society, generate new scientific knowledge for the good of both the economy and society at large.

  • To organize mentorship programmes - employ a symmetrical effort so that mentor and mentee learn from each other.


  • Training and Development - by means of needs assessment, set objectives, prepare for conduct of training, measure and evaluate training results.

  • Capability Building - through social preparation, value orientation/formation, leadership communication, organization, basic knowledge, and cooperatives.

  • Appropriate skills - to train in free markets in a global economy, personal financial success skills and business ethics.

  • Awareness program on intellectual property rights.

  • Industrial visits, Technology adaptation, appropriateness and diffusion.

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