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Promotion of Research and Facilities

The institute provides all necessary infrastructural facilities and a conductive environment to promote research activity in the campus. Due to limited resources, the institute may not be able to fund all the research activities taken up by the faculty and students. Faculty are encouraged to apply for various funding agencies and pursue their research. However, the institute is ready to provide seed funding or partial funding based on the merit of proposals submitted by faculty or student. The faculty and students are encouraged to present their ideas / project proposals before the research committee for getting the sanction of seed funding in accordance with institute guidelines.

The faculty and students are given freedom to choose the research area of their choice and guidance is given to seek funding from various funding agencies and industries. The institute encourages the faculty by providing incentives for peer reviewed publications, writing books and filing patents. The institute takes care of patent filing process, which is governed by the Research policy of the institute.

The institute gives a free hand to report research results and findings. However, a thorough review is done for all research proposals seeking funding from various funding agencies by consulting the research committee comprising the Director R& D, Head of respective department and subject expert(s) of the department. This committee also monitors the impact of research and consultancy and ensures non-violation of research & consultancy ethics, professional ethics, privacy of the people, human rights, causing problems to health & safety of human beings and damage of the property.

Research Centers are established in various departments of the institute with necessary software and computing facilities for carrying out research activities. Five Research Centers are recognized by Acharya Nagarjuna University and fulltime research scholars are allotted by the University to pursue their research work in these centers under the guidance of the college faculty.
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