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Department of Information Technology
Details of Registered Guides & No of Scholars
S NoName of the TeacherYear of Registration No of Scholars
1Dr. A.Srikrishna201138
2Dr. N.Naga Malleswara rao201439
3Dr. G. Rama Mohan Babu201517
4Dr. M.Ramesh201454
5Dr. B.Hemantha Kumar201502
Details of Scholars Obtained Degree under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarAwarded Year
1Dr. M.RameshE Venkateswara ReddyColor Image Segmentation Using Dynamic Histogram Based Rough-Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Technique AUG 2015
2Dr. A.SrikrishnaM.PompapathiA Nonlinear Edge Detectors for detection and Localization of Edges in Noisy Images NOV 2016
3Dr. A.SrikrishnaV.Sesha SrinivasAutomatic Clustering and Simultaneous Feature Subset selection for Segmentation of Gray scale Images NOV 2018
4Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoPrasanthi BAnalysis and Comparative Study of Machine Learning Techniques to Handle Brain Image Segmentation on Medical Images OCT 2019
5Dr. M.RameshCh Kiran KumarAn Automated Learning Code Summarization Using Anatomy and Auto Folding Frameworks NOV 2019
6Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoLalitha Kumari GAnalysis And Comparative Study Of Hybrid Soft Computing Systems For Medical Applications JUN 2020
7Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoPurna Chandra RaoStudies On Hadoop Distributed File System Performance Optimization Techniques SEP 2020
8Dr. A.SrikrishnaA.V.KavithaDetection of Land use and Land cover from remote sensing data using mathematical morphology NOV 2020
9Dr. M.RameshM.GowthamHybrid Mechanisms for access control and trust management in cloud environmnet DEC 2020
10Dr. M.RameshC.AnuradhaDetection of Outliers in High Dimensional Data with Lasso Regression JUN 2021
11Dr. M.RameshN.Venkataramana GA Novel Method for user centric Integration in MANETS using Nature Inspired Algorithms JUN 2021
12Dr. G. Rama Mohan BabuK.N.Madhavi LathaComputational Virtual Screening Analysis of Various Drugs to Identify Novel GSK-3? inhibitors for Type2 Diabetes using Molecular Docking and Fuzzy Clustering AUG 2021
Details of Scholars working under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarRegistered Year
1Dr. A.SrikrishnaP.Ramesh BabuImage ProcessingJAN 2010
2Dr. A.SrikrishnaD.Ravi BabuImage ProcessingJAN 2014
3Dr. A.SrikrishnaG.Sravan KumarNetworks securityJAN 2014
4Dr. A.SrikrishnaN.Hanumatha RaoClassification of Texture using Morphological Multi Resolution pattern spectrumJAN 2014
5Dr. A.SrikrishnaSatti Babu DImage ProcessingJAN 2014
6Dr. A.SrikrishnaY.MadhulikaMining High utility Quantitative Association RulesJAN 2014
7Dr. A.SrikrishnaG.Srinivasa RaoContrast enhancement for Gray scale and Color Images using Morphological transformationsJAN 2015
8Dr. A.SrikrishnaN.NeelimaSkeleton based Shape Representation Techniques for Object RecognitionJAN 2017
9Dr. M.RameshV.Sri LakshmiAn Ensemble Framework For Processing Enormous Image DataJAN 2011
10Dr. M.RameshJ.Nageswara RaoExploring Efficient (RMF) Rank Matrix Factorization TechniquesJAN 2014
11Dr. M.RameshP.RanganathCompression Of Image Using Novel Pixels FiltersJAN 2014
12Dr. M.RameshP.V.TulasikrishnaAn Automated Learning Code Summarization JAN 2014
13Dr. G. Rama Mohan BabuG.Venu GopalClassification using SVM through Kernel Hilbert spaces for regularizing classifiersJAN 2011
14Dr. G. Rama Mohan BabuMd. AhmedAn Hybrid Support Vector Machine and Artificial Network Based Cyber Security Framework - Big DataJAN 2011
15Dr. G. Rama Mohan BabuV. Venkata SrinivasuImage Processing - Motion DetectionJAN 2011
16Dr. G. Rama Mohan BabuB. Satish BabuImage Processing - Medical Data AnalysisJAN 2013
17Dr. G. Rama Mohan BabuCh.B.V.DurgaKeyword Search in Multi-Dimensional Datasets using Data Mining and Knowledge DiscoveryJAN 2014
18Dr. G. Rama Mohan BabuRakesh Nag DasarAn Innovative Structure for Cloud Repository Adopting Binary Access EvidenceJAN 2014
19Dr. G. Rama Mohan BabuT.NagamaniWeather forecast using Big Data AnalyticsJAN 2014
20Dr. B.Hemantha KumarA.Uday KumarCritical Study on Efficient of Ad-Hoc Routing ProtocolsJAN 2014
21Dr. B.Hemantha KumarP.PothurajuCritical Study on Framework Requirement for Domain Specific Semantis WebJAN 2015
22Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoSree Rama Murthy Data Mining Query Results In Clustering For Multiple Database ResourcesJAN 2009
23Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoVani GSecure Message Transmission In MANETSJAN 2011
24Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoG.Vijay DeepPerformance Evaluation Of Image Segmentation Methods For Medical Image AnalysisJAN 2014
25Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoNaga Raju PData Confidentiality And Security Enhancement Using ObfuscationJAN 2014
26Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoSeshagiri Rao GAn Efficient Probabilistic Trust Based Neighbor Node Integrity Verification And Path Construction Model For Wireless Sensor NetworksJAN 2014
27Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoSubhani SkDuplicate And Invalid Data Identification In Textual Context Using Elastic Search AlgorithmJAN 2014
28Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoVanathi ADynamic Multilayer Support For Data Aggregation To Reduce The Hotspot Of Sensors In IOTJAN 2014
29Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoVRNSSV Sai Leela Optimistic Feature Selection And Classifier Design For Machine Learning Based Sentiment AnalysisJAN 2014
30Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoSiva Lakshmi BMicroarray Image AnalysisJAN 2015