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Department of Mechanical Engineering
Details of Registered Guides & No of Scholars
S NoName of the TeacherYear of Registration No of Scholars
1Dr. K.Ravindra200874
2Dr. Kolla Srinivas200678
3Dr. D.V.V.Krishna Prasad201109
4Dr. V.Chittaranjan Das201169
5Dr. G.Srinivasa Rao201135
6Dr. C.Srinivas201407
7Dr. B.Ram Gopal Reddy201425
8Dr. N.V.V.S.Sudheer201436
9Dr. G.Chaitanya201422
10Dr. S.Radhika201800
11Dr. N.Govind201417
12Dr. K. Praveen Kumar202206
13Dr. V.R.K.Rao201801
14Dr. C.Tara Sasanka201802
Details of Scholars Obtained Degree under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarAwarded Year
1Dr. Kolla SrinivasKalluri Ramakotaiah Machine Tool Chatter Analysis. MAR 2009
2Dr. Kolla SrinivasG. ChaitanyaOptimum Design of Axial Flow Compressor using Genetic Algorithm Approach MAR 2012
3Dr. K.RavindraS. Malleswara RaoExperimental Evaluation of Machining Parameters for Cutting Tool Materials in WEDM SEP 2014
4Dr. G.Srinivasa RaoS.B.Venkata SivaPreparation and characterization of Aluminium metal matrix composite with novel in situ ceramic composite particles, developed from waste colliery shale material JAN 2016
5Dr. Kolla SrinivasMahesh MaalapatiIntegrating Design and Engineering Process to Reduce Production Cycle Time in Product Development JUN 2016
6Dr. K.RavindraP.Srinivasa RaoParametric Control in Wire EDM for aviation materials & Development of Machineability Index JUN 2016
7Dr. K.RavindraC.TarasasankaProcessing of Evaluation of Mechanical and Wear Characteristics of Mg Alloy housed MMC NOV 2017
8Dr. G.Srinivasa RaoSiva SankarrajuCharacterisation of Al based MMC's reinforced with coconut shell ash JAN 2018
9Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasP.H.Prasada RaoEffect of Environmental and aging behaviour on mechanical, damping and fatige properties of polymer nanocomposites JAN 2018
10Dr. K.RavindraM.MounikaExtraction of Nano Cellulose From Pistachio Shells/Green Gram Husk and Effect of its addition on mechanical behavior of hybrid banana composites DEC 2018
11Dr. N.GovindS.Kiran KumarExperimental investigation of performance and emission characteristics of DI-Diesel engine fuelled with Bio-Diesel FEB 2019
12Dr. K.RavindraK.VijayabhaskarFabrication, Characterization and Wear Studies of AI 2024/FA/Sic Rain forced Composites MAR 2019
13Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasSriram Ravi SekharCharacterization of friction surfaced deposits (stainless steel and Tool steel M2 over low carbon steel) JUN 2019
14Dr. G.ChaitanyaK. S.Koteswara RaoOptimization of process parameters in machining TI6ALV4 Alloys AUG 2019
15Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasNaga SwapnasriFabrication, Characterization and Deformation studies on A356/Cu Particulate reinforced Metallic Composites AUG 2019
16Dr. Kolla SrinivasB.Tulasi Rama RaoStability Analysis for Turning process at different operating parameters SEP 2019
17Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasK.Bhasker MutyaluPerformance Evalution,combustion and Emission Charcteristics of Deisel Engine Fueled with SHEA OLEIN Bio-Diesel NOV 2019
18Dr. G.Srinivasa RaoN.Nageswara ReddyModelling & Analysis of CI Engines Performance & Emissions of Bio-Diesel JAN 2020
19Dr. K.RavindraV.Tara ChandExploration of Different Blade Cooling Strategies in the perspective of combined cycle power augmentation AUG 2020
20Dr. Kolla SrinivasT.V.S.R.K. PrasadTwo Production Distribution Planning Models for a Multi-Product Multi Period Supply Chain NOV 2020
21Dr. Kolla SrinivasM.VijayaInvestigation of mechanical properties of aluminum hybrid metal matrix composites JAN 2021
22Dr. B.Ram Gopal ReddyRaffi MohammedFabrication, Mechanical characterization and erosion wear response of E-Glass fibre reinforced and particulate filled polymer based hybrid composites FEB 2021
23Dr. N.V.V.S.SudheerAnusha PeyyalaExperimental investigation of optimum insulation in VCR system with chlorodiflourometh ane and mixture of diflouromethane and pentaflouromethane FEB 2021
24Dr. B.Ram Gopal ReddySailaja. AOptimization of friction stir processing of ZR41/SiC magnesium rare earth composites APR 2021
25Dr. N.V.V.S.SudheerSanthisree NerellExperimental analysis of the closed loop pulsating heat pipe with different working fluids at different fill ratios and orientations MAY 2021
26Dr. N.V.V.S.SudheerSuresh BabukoppuEffect of an ancient biological noble material as nano additive in IC engine lubricating oil MAY 2021
27Dr. Kolla SrinivasMohammdhasheer ShaikInvestigation of a low GWP refrigerants and mixtures in the perspective of searching alternative refrigerants to replace R134a in a domestic refrigerator 4. Ph.D Projects UNDER Progress SEP 2021
28Dr. K.RavindraTirumala Rao Chinka Fabrication, Characterization, Wear and Corrosion Studies on AZ91D-COCKLE Shell Ash Powder Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites using Stir-Casting DEC 2021
29Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasR.Vijaya PrakashCharacterization of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite (AL7075/B4C/Zro2) and Optimization of EDM Machining parameters using RSM Method JAN 2022
30Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasN.SulakshanaExperimental Investigation and Optimization of Process parameters using Cryogenic cooled Micro Electrical Discharge Machining of INCONEL-825 by utilizing Topsis Method FEB 2022
31Dr. G.ChaitanyaM.L.AparnaInvestigations on fatigue damage and repair of 430 GSM Sika E-glass FRP composites using Digital Image correlation Technique FEB 2022
Details of Scholars working under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarRegistered Year
1Dr. K.RavindraG.F.ChakravarthiPreparation & Characterization of Copper Metal Matrix CompositesJAN 2014
2Dr. K.RavindraK.Isaac SpurgeonNoise Reduction in Industrial FansJAN 2014
3Dr. K.RavindraP. SrivalliMicro Gas TurbinesJAN 2016
4Dr. K.RavindraDayanidhi GovardhanamDevelopment of Hybrid Nano Bio-silica Polymer Composite for Mechanical and Tribological Appliations AUG 2020
5Dr. D.V.V.Krishna PrasadG.S.Krishna ChaitanyaFacility Layout problemJAN 2008
6Dr. D.V.V.Krishna PrasadK.Ramesh BabuCellular ManufacturingJAN 2008
7Dr. D.V.V.Krishna PrasadG.Kishore ChowdaryPreparation, Characterization of natural fibre reinforced compositesJAN 2012
8Dr. D.V.V.Krishna PrasadG.Govinda RaoCharacteristics of EDM processJAN 2014
9Dr. D.V.V.Krishna PrasadK.SeshagiriHybrid Fiber Reinforced CompositesJAN 2014
10Dr. D.V.V.Krishna PrasadM.LakshmivineethRapid Proto-typingJAN 2014
11Dr. D.V.V.Krishna PrasadM.Y.Prasada RaoMetal Matrix CompositesJAN 2014
12Dr. D.V.V.Krishna PrasadAbdul LatifNatural Fiber Reinforced CompositesJAN 2018
13Dr. D.V.V.Krishna PrasadB.N.V.SrinivasFacility Layout problemJAN 2018
14Dr. Kolla SrinivasB. Purna ChandrasekhTool condition Monitoring in Hard turning using Acoustic emission & Vibration SignatureJAN 2014
15Dr. Kolla SrinivasD.Kondala RaoTool signature of Inconel 718 in turning by using Nano MQLJAN 2014
16Dr. Kolla SrinivasM.V.A.Rama KrishnaModeling and Process Analysis of Friction Stir weldingJAN 2014
17Dr. Kolla SrinivasN.SurekhaOptimization of principal Dimensions of Radial Flow Gas Turbine rotor using Genetic AlgorithmJAN 2014
18Dr. Kolla SrinivasP. Mastan RaoStudies on highsilica/phenolic and galss/phinolic flame retardant composites JAN 2014
19Dr. Kolla SrinivasV. VijayabhaskarAnalysis on natural fiber polymeric composites JAN 2014
20Dr. Kolla SrinivasY. SrinivasFramework for task allocation for a robot in digital manufacturing : s simulation approach JAN 2014
21Dr. Kolla SrinivasK. Lakshmi ChaitanyaSurface integrity prediction of super alloy coated material JAN 2016
22Dr. G.ChaitanyaK. Siva PrasadOptimization of process parameters in machining GFRP by abrasive water jetJAN 2008
23Dr. G.ChaitanyaSiva Naga RajuCompositesJAN 2014
24Dr. K. Praveen KumarCh.Kam PrasadMAR 2016
25Dr. K. Praveen KumarB.SrinuNaikMMiSMAR 2016
26Dr. K. Praveen KumarP. Ashok ReddyMetallic MaterialsMAR 2016
27Dr. K. Praveen KumarK. SupriyaHigh Entropy alloys MAR 2016
28Dr. K. Praveen KumarG. Chakra SirishaHigh Entropy Alloys MAR 2016
29Dr. K. Praveen KumarK. Hari PrasadPerformance Evaluation, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Fish Oil bio Diesel MAR 2018
30Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasD.NageshMechanical Behavior of Orange Peel Reinforced Epoxy CompositeJAN 2014
31Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasM.V.L.ManoharNon-conventional Machining of Metal Matrix Composites: Parametric Appraisal and Multi-Objective OptimizationJAN 2014
32Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasK.V.JawaharThermal and Dielectric Behaviour of Polymer Composites with Hybrid Fillers.JAN 2015
33Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasM.AnuradhaTribologicalbehaviour of rice husk reinforced polymer matrix composite.JAN 2015
34Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasG.BujjibabuMechanical and Tribological Behavior of Nanofiller Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposite.JAN 2016
35Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasG.ChaitanyaA Study on Thermal Characteristics of Epoxy Composites Filled with Natural Fiber and Particulate.JAN 2016
36Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasG.SureshbabuProcessing & characterization of jute/glass fiber reinforced epoxy based hybrid composites.JAN 2016
37Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasI.BhanulathaProcessing, characterization and sliding wear behavior of functionalized carbon nanotube reinforced epoxy matrix compositeJAN 2016
38Dr. V.Chittaranjan DasS.Rajeswara RaoSurface Modification of AISI 1020 Mild Steel by Electrical Discharge Coating with Tungsten and Copper Mixed Powder Green Compact ElectrodesJAN 2016
39Dr. G.Srinivasa RaoAjaykumar.PAl-Mg based MMC';s Fabrication &CharacterisationJAN 2008
40Dr. G.Srinivasa RaoS.Bhavani.AOptimization of Parameters in Friction Stir WeldingJAN 2008
41Dr. G.Srinivasa RaoBharathi.POptimization of Parameters in WEDMJAN 2010
42Dr. G.Srinivasa RaoGayatri.UMetal Matrix CompositesJAN 2010
43Dr. G.Srinivasa RaoM. UshaOptimization of parameters with Nano Herbal Fluids MQL MAR 2014
44Dr. C.SrinivasArunasanthi.KFuels in automobilesJAN 2008
45Dr. C.SrinivasBalajinaik.MIndustrial EnggJAN 2008
46Dr. C.SrinivasJayaram.PDesignJAN 2011
47Dr. C.SrinivasJushukumar.SFriction WeldingJAN 2011
48Dr. C.SrinivasNagamalleswararao.AWeldingJAN 2011
49Dr. C.SrinivasSanthanam.GIndustrial EnggJAN 2012
50Dr. C.SrinivasRoganatha RaoManufacturingJAN 2014
51Dr. B.Ram Gopal ReddySupraja.BEffect tool generator parameters on Friction Stir Welding of dissimilar materialsJAN 2007
52Dr. B.Ram Gopal ReddyRanjitkumar.RFabrication and Characterization of Fiber Reinforced Polymer CompositesJAN 2011
53Dr. B.Ram Gopal ReddyV.S.Kumarnaik.RCharacteristics of Aluminium based Metal Matrix Hybrid CompositesJAN 2011
54Dr. B.Ram Gopal ReddySwetha.KMetal Matrix CompositesJAN 2012
55Dr. B.Ram Gopal ReddyL.RaviCompositesJAN 2014
56Dr. N.V.V.S.SudheerJ.SitapriyadasiniEffect of Lubricants on MachiningJAN 2011
57Dr. N.V.V.S.SudheerMadhu Kumar RachPerformance Analysis & Evaluation of 2-Phase Case-Cade Vertex TubeJAN 2011
58Dr. N.V.V.S.SudheerMaruthi Rao MartExperimental Study on a effect of Biological Quenching Medium on Micro-Structural & Mechanical Properties of Al-AlloyJAN 2011
59Dr. N.V.V.S.SudheerD.Bharath PrasannaAlternative FuelsJAN 2014
60Dr. N.V.V.S.SudheerNarasimha RaoRefrigerant BlendsJAN 2014
61Dr. N.V.V.S.SudheerSubrahmanya VarmaBoiler PerformanceJAN 2016
62Dr. N.GovindAnanda RaoFriction Stir Processing
63Dr. N.GovindG.Anil KumarF.G.R.P with CNT's
64Dr. N.GovindG.NagarjunaAnalysis of Heat Exchangers using C & D
65Dr. N.GovindM.DedeepyaFriction Stir Welding
66Dr. N.GovindMani KumarFriction Stir Welding
67Dr. N.GovindSirishaFriction Stir Processing
68Dr. N.GovindVenkateswara RaoFriction Stir Welding
69Dr. V.R.K.RaoJ.Rangaraya ChowdaryFabrication and charecterization ofAl Metal Matrix Composites
70Dr. C.Tara SasankaJ.Purushottam KarthikEvaluation and optimization of Process Parameters During Heat Transfer of Coal Water Slurry used in COal Gasification Plant
71Dr. C.Tara SasankaY.N.V.SairamCharacterization of Lanthanum Hexa Aluminate for Thermal Barrier Coatings