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The Research & Development cell aim to create a dynamic and supportive ecosystem that fosters research excellence, promotes innovation, and drives technology-driven entrepreneurship and economic growth. The objectives are:

  1. Promoting Research Excellence: Striving for excellence in research by providing resources, infrastructure, and support to researchers, enabling them to pursue cutting-edge projects.
  2. Promoting Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: Encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers, startups, and industry partners to tackle complex challenges and explore new avenues of innovation.
  3. Creating Collaborative Opportunities: Creating avenues for collaboration between researchers and startups, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that drive innovation and create value.
  4. Facilitating Technology Transfer: Facilitating the transfer of technology and knowledge from research outcomes to practical applications, thereby promoting commercialization and societal impact.
  5. Fostering Innovation: Encouraging a culture of innovation within the organization by supporting research activities and fostering collaboration with startups.
  6. Supporting Startup Ecosystem: Supporting the growth and development of startups by providing access to research expertise, facilities, funding opportunities, and mentorship.
  7. Enhancing Industry Partnerships: Strengthening partnerships with industry stakeholders to identify research needs, explore collaborative projects, and facilitate technology transfer and commercialization.
  8. Promoting Intellectual Property Management: Developing strategies for intellectual property management, including patenting, licensing, and protection of research outcomes and startup innovations.
  9. Encouraging Entrepreneurship: Encouraging entrepreneurship among researchers and students by providing incubation support, entrepreneurship training, and networking opportunities.
  10. Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitoring the progress and impact of research and startup initiatives, evaluating outcomes against predefined metrics, and making necessary adjustments to achieve objectives. And also to take necessary steps so that Annual Progress Reports, Project Completion Reports, Utilisation Certificates are submitted regularly to the concerned authority within the stipulated time.
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