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Department of Computer Applications
Details of Registered Guides & No of Scholars
S NoName of the TeacherYear of Registration No of Scholars
1Dr. K.Karteeka Pavan201234
2Dr. Ch.Suneetha201426
3Dr. M.Sridhar201452
Details of Scholars Obtained Degree under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarAwarded Year
1Dr. K.Karteeka PavanN.SrinivasRelative Performance of Some Selective Pattern Recognition Algorithms-Big Data Analytics JAN 2015
2Dr. K.Karteeka PavanK.Ramachandra RaoA Trilogy of Evolutionary Automatic Clustering Algorithms Using Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization JAN 2018
3Dr. M.SridharRanga Swamy SA Greedy Stochastic Diffusion Search Based Fuzzy With Energy & Security Aware Schedulig In Cloud JAN 2019
4Dr. M.SridharSri Devi KotariSecure And Qos Routing Enhancement Through Node Trust Computaion Measures In Manets JAN 2019
5Dr. Ch.SuneethaAruna Safali MiriyalEnsemble Classifier for sentiment analysis using convolutional neural networks JAN 2020
6Dr. M.SridharKallipalli Venkata RReview Based Sentiment Prediction of Rating Using Natural Language Api With Bow Approach JAN 2020
7Dr. Ch.SuneethaNagamani ChippadaAn efficient Network intrusion Detection based on outlier analysis for secure data communication JAN 2021
8Dr. K.Karteeka PavanLakshmi Naga Jaya PrA Metaheuristic Progressive Alignment Algorithm for Multiple Sequence Alignment MAR 2021
9Dr. M.SridharC Priya Ranjani AkunA Distributed Web Usage Mining Based Recommender System In Big Data Analytics JUN 2021
10Dr. M.SridharSrinivasa Rao KanusuA Hybrid Meta Heuristic Approach for Optimized Visual Cryptography AUG 2021
Details of Scholars working under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarRegistered Year
1Dr. K.Karteeka PavanHymavathi ThottathyA Novel Algorithm for Microarray big data clustering in association with breast cancer.JAN 2014
2Dr. K.Karteeka PavanJeevana Jyothi PujarAn Improved Evolutionary based algorithms for Multiple Sequence Alignment.JAN 2014
3Dr. K.Karteeka PavanVijayalakshmi AlluriScalable microarray gene selection method.JAN 2014
4Dr. K.Karteeka PavanMohan Krishna KothaTexture Feature Extraction using Fuzzy Texton & Genetic Algorithms in CBIRJAN 2016
5Dr. Ch.SuneethaDhana Lakshmi D S S Frequent Item-set Mining over Streaming Data: Exploration of fast, scalable and effective mining ModelsJAN 2014
6Dr. Ch.SuneethaNagaraju TirukotiFeature Extraction From High Resolution Remote Sensing Images using Distributed FrameworkJAN 2014
7Dr. Ch.SuneethaNischal RamineniCloud ComputingJAN 2014
8Dr. Ch.SuneethaSekhar Reddy GolamarDesign and analysis of UML-based data warehouse for increasing performanace and suitable for most real time critical applicationsJAN 2014
9Dr. Ch.SuneethaThirumaleswari GurraNULLSTEG:An Innovative text steganographic technique to hide different filesJAN 2014
10Dr. Ch.SuneethaKapala KavithaFuzzy C-means clustering and RCNN model for sacastic detection and classificationJAN 2016
11Dr. M.SridharPradeep VenuthurumilCloud ComputingJAN 2014
12Dr. M.SridharVenkata Bhargava RaoCloud ComputingJAN 2014