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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Details of Registered Guides & No of Scholars
S NoName of the TeacherYear of Registration No of Scholars
1Dr. K.Chandra Sekhar2008416
2Dr. K.Swarnasri201517
3Dr. K.Radha Rani201720
4Dr. N. China Kotaiah201810
5Dr. G.Sambasiva Rao201517
6Dr. A.Rama Koteswara Rao201713
Details of Scholars Obtained Degree under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarAwarded Year
1Dr. K.Chandra SekharY. Suri BabuAnalysis and Control of Multi phase Induction motor drives JAN 2015
2Dr. K.Chandra SekharCh.Nagaraja KumariTransmission System Security Enhancement using FACTS Devices in Modern Power System JAN 2019
3Dr. K.Chandra SekharY Ravi SankarPower Electronics JAN 2019
4Dr. G.Sambasiva RaoP.Ankineedu PrasadControl Strategies for Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources JAN 2019
5Dr. K.Radha RaniL.Ganesh Babupower quality Improvement JAN 2019
6Dr. K.Radha RaniShaik MeeravaliVoltage Stability Enhancement JAN 2019
7Dr. A.Rama Koteswara RaoSarayu VunnamAnalysis of PV Systems JAN 2019
8Dr. N. China KotaiahY. Mallikharjuna RaoRenewable Energy Systems JAN 2019
9Dr. K.Chandra SekharE. Aswani KumarFinite Control Set Model Predictive Control of Power Converters for Wind Energy Conversion Systems JAN 2020
10Dr. K.SwarnasriCh. Pardha SaradhiPower Systems JAN 2020
Details of Scholars working under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarRegistered Year
1Dr. K.Chandra SekharG.Nageswara RaoControl Strategies for Multilevel Inverter Base active power filtering using artificial Intelligent TechniquesJAN 2014
2Dr. K.Chandra SekharG.Sambasiva RaoModulation and Control of Multi-level Inverters for an Open end Winding Induction MotorJAN 2014
3Dr. K.Chandra SekharG.VivekanandaControl Strategies of Distributed Static Compensator for Power Quality ImprovementJAN 2014
4Dr. K.Chandra SekharJ Vara PrasadOptimization of Financial and Physical Flows using Unified Power Flow Controller in Deregulated Power SystemsJAN 2014
5Dr. K.Chandra SekharJ. Srinu NaickAGC of Interconnected Power System with Distributed Generation by Various Control Approaches JAN 2014
6Dr. K.Chandra SekharJ.S. Srinivasa RajuControl Algorithms for Optimal Location of FACTS Devices to Enhance Power SystemJAN 2014
7Dr. K.Chandra SekharK Rama Lingeswara PrasadAnalysis of Wind Energy Conversion System for Grid InterconnectionJAN 2014
8Dr. K.Chandra SekharM. VenkateshPower Electronics and drivesJAN 2016
9Dr. K.Chandra SekharMandava NagaiahPower Electronics and drivesJAN 2016
10Dr. K.Chandra SekharN ChaitanyaPower Management Strategies for Interfacing Distributed Generation Units to Micro GridJAN 2016
11Dr. K.Chandra SekharN.China KotaiahPerformance Evaluation of Converter based Compensations for Enhancement of Power QualityJAN 2016
12Dr. K.Chandra SekharP. Ravi KumarPerformance Improvement of Distribution Network in the Presence of Distributed Generation using Network Reconfiguration AlgorithmsJAN 2016
13Dr. K.Chandra SekharVericherla N MalleswOptimal Volt/VAR Control in Radial Distribution System considering load growth and DG Penetration uncertaintyJAN 2016
14Dr. K.Chandra SekharK.Hari KrishnaOptimal Load Frequency Control for Deregulated Power SystemJAN 2018
15Dr. K.Chandra SekharO.Chandra SekharModulation and control of Multi-level Inverters For Direct Torque Control Induction Motor DriveJAN 2018
16Dr. K.Chandra SekharP.RameshPower Electronics and drivesJAN 2019
17Dr. K.SwarnasriB. Divya LakshmiPower SystemsJAN 2016
18Dr. K.SwarnasriGopi Latha VennaPower SystemsJAN 2016
19Dr. K.SwarnasriK. LalithaPower SystemsJAN 2016
20Dr. K.SwarnasriK. PraveenaPower SystemsJAN 2016
21Dr. K.SwarnasriP.V.Kishore BabuPower SystemsJAN 2016
22Dr. K.SwarnasriR. SrinivasPower SystemsJAN 2016
23Dr. K.SwarnasriY. Srinivasa RaoPower SystemsJAN 2016
24Dr. G.Sambasiva RaoM.KrishnachaitanyaEffective Control Structure to Grid Interfaced Solar Inverter with Fault Stability PerformanceJAN 2014
25Dr. G.Sambasiva RaoP Ram PrasadPerformance Analysis of Multilevel Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Using Various Pwm TechniquesJAN 2014
26Dr. G.Sambasiva RaoV V Nagaraju GAnalysis and Performance Evaluation of Multilevel Inverter Fed Induction MotorJAN 2014
27Dr. G.Sambasiva RaoG. Jaya RajuPower quality improvement of grid connected inverter for hybrid power distribution using power electronic convetersJAN 2015
28Dr. G.Sambasiva RaoG.Lakshmi NarayanaAnalysis and Performance Evaluation of Power Systems Stability using FACTS ControllersJAN 2015
29Dr. G.Sambasiva RaoM.Hanumantha Rao Reactive Current Control of a Multi-DC-Voltage Cascade STATCOMJAN 2015
30Dr. G.Sambasiva RaoM.Sriramulu Naik Analysis of multi level inverters for direct torque control of three phase induction motorJAN 2015
31Dr. A.Rama Koteswara RaoDharani Kumar NarneRenewable Energy SystemsJAN 2014
32Dr. A.Rama Koteswara RaoPuvvada Venkata MaheshEmbedded Machine LearningJAN 2014
33Dr. A.Rama Koteswara RaoChegudi Ranga Raopower quality ImprovementJAN 2016