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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Details of Registered Guides & No of Scholars
S NoName of the TeacherYear of Registration No of Scholars
1Dr Tummala Ranga Babu201457
2Dr. M.V.Siva Prasad201439
3Dr. G.Sudhavani201409
4Dr. M.Satya Sai Ram201246
Details of Scholars Obtained Degree under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarAwarded Year
1Dr. A.SudhakarChalasani SubbaraoDesign of Array Antennas for shaped beams MAY 2014
2Dr. A.SudhakarB.SaidaiahDesign Fabrication and performance analysis of Ultra Wide Band Antennas SEP 2017
3Dr. A.SudhakarT.Venkateswara RaoAnalysis of Compact Notch Band Antennas with Defected Ground Structure for UWB Applications SEP 2017
4Dr. A.SudhakarSiddu H V Prasada RaoDesign and development of an antenna for Ultra Wide band Applications SEP 2018
5Dr. A.SudhakarJ.RavindranadhDesign of array antennas for the generation of shaped beams DEC 2018
6Dr. A.SudhakarK.AnjaneyuluDesign and development of microstrip patch antenna for ultra wideband applications JUL 2019
7Dr. M.V.Siva PrasadB.PremalathaPerformance evaluation of several band notched UWB patch monopoles AUG 2019
8Dr Tummala Ranga BabuSrinivas Raja BAn Optimized Feature Selection Based Ensemble Classification Learing Models For Predicition on High Dimensional COPD Data NOV 2019
9Dr. M.Satya Sai RamCh.SudhamaniPerformance of cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks JAN 2020
10Dr Tummala Ranga BabuKama RamuduOptomized Segmentation of Biomeical Images using Level Set Methods AUG 2020
11Dr. M.Satya Sai RamT.Raja SekharPerformance Analysis of Memory Based Real Fast Fourier Transform Architectures NOV 2020
12Dr. A.SudhakarD.JagadeeshDesign and Development of Dual band antennas using Substrate Integrated Waveguide Technology JAN 2021
13Dr. A.SudhakarK.V.Lalitha BhavaniDesign and analysis of Defectedground Structure based CircularPatch Ultra-Wide Band Antennawith Multi Band NotchedCharacteristics APR 2021
14Dr. M.V.Siva PrasadK.Madhusudana RaoNovel Techniquesfor Plannear antenna design and Synthesis for Commertial Wireless Applications MAY 2021
15Dr Tummala Ranga BabuK.S.RajasekharPerformance Evaluation of MultiresolutionTransforms and CNN For The Analysis ofDermoscopic Images JUL 2021
16Dr. M.V.Siva PrasadB.Siva Hari PrasadDesign and Analysis of Compact Multiband Antenna for Wireless Applications JUL 2021
17Dr. M.Satya Sai RamN.RenukaWireless Communications AUG 2021
18Dr Tummala Ranga BabuN.RadhaDevelopment and Performance Evaluation of Multi-Focus Image Fusion Algorithms for Visual Sensor Networks using Image Transforms SEP 2021
19Dr. M.Satya Sai RamAbdul Husasin ShareefWireless Communications DEC 2021
20Dr Tummala Ranga BabuMohammed Ali BaigImage Cryptography in BinaryPlane Spectral Coding JAN 2022
Details of Scholars working under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarRegistered Year
1Dr Tummala Ranga BabuM.V.V.S.PrasadImage ProcessingJAN 2014
2Dr Tummala Ranga BabuK.Mohana LakshmiAn Efficient Retrieval System for Telugu Script Images (Submitted)JAN 2014
3Dr Tummala Ranga BabuMohammad BaigImage ProcessingJAN 2016
4Dr Tummala Ranga BabuK.SravanthiA Research on Deep Learning Approaches for Denoising of Audio SignalsJAN 2018
5Dr Tummala Ranga BabuKuchipudi Durga PrasadEmbedded SystemsJAN 2018
6Dr Tummala Ranga BabuMohd Sayeeduddin HabEmbedded SystemsJAN 2019
7Dr Tummala Ranga BabuMohd Abdul MuqeetEmbedded SystemsJAN 2019
8Dr. M.V.Siva PrasadSyed KareemsahebAntennasJAN 2014
9Dr. M.V.Siva PrasadS.Ram KumarAntennasJAN 2014
10Dr. M.V.Siva PrasadB.MadhaviMicrostrip AntennasJAN 2014
11Dr. M.V.Siva PrasadG.JyothirmaiAntennasJAN 2014
12Dr. M.V.Siva PrasadR.PrasadWireless CommunicationsJAN 2014
13Dr. M.V.Siva PrasadK.Vara PrasadAntennasJAN 2014
14Dr. M.V.Siva PrasadP.Venkateswara RaoImage ProcessingJAN 2014
15Dr. M.V.Siva PrasadPrasad RayiWireless CommunicationsMAR 2014
16Dr. M.V.Siva PrasadCh.SandeepAntennasJAN 2017
17Dr. G.SudhavaniD.RajeshsettyDigital Image ProcessingJAN 2014
18Dr. G.SudhavaniT.SreenivasuDigital Image ProcessingJAN 2014
19Dr. G.SudhavaniP.SrinivasDigital Image ProcessingJAN 2014
20Dr. G.SudhavaniE.AdinarayanaDigital Image ProcessingJAN 2014
21Dr. G.SudhavaniB.MalleswariDigital Image ProcessingJAN 2014
22Dr. G.SudhavaniP.SasibalaDigital Image ProcessingJAN 2014
23Dr. G.SudhavaniM.LakshmanayakDigital Image ProcessingJAN 2014
24Dr. G.SudhavaniDurgaraoDigital Image ProcessingJAN 2014
25Dr. G.SudhavaniSk.RahimunnishaDigital Image ProcessingJAN 2014
26Dr. M.Satya Sai RamV.Mallikarjuna RaoEmbedded SystemsJAN 2011
27Dr. M.Satya Sai RamP.P.S.SubhashiniSpeech Signal ProcessingJAN 2012
28Dr. M.Satya Sai RamCH Uma SankarSpeech Signal ProcessingJAN 2014
29Dr. M.Satya Sai RamM SunilWireless NetworksJAN 2014
30Dr. M.Satya Sai RamN.Dhana LakshmiWireless CommunicationsJAN 2014
31Dr. M.Satya Sai RamShaik BasheeraWireless CommunicationsJAN 2014