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Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Details of Registered Guides & No of Scholars
S NoName of the TeacherYear of Registration No of Scholars
1Dr. G.Satyanarayana Prasad200821
2Dr. M.Sree Latha201427
3Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara Rao201484
4Dr. A.Srinagesh201513
5Dr. Ch.Aparna201606
Details of Scholars Obtained Degree under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarAwarded Year
1Dr. G.Satyanarayana PrasadSuresh YMulti Layered Approach for tracking Generic Multiple objects and extraction of Video objects for performance analysis JAN 2013
2Dr. G.Satyanarayana PrasadDeevena Raju BAn Efficient image reconstruction with aid of soft computing and filtering techniques JAN 2017
3Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara RaoCh.Sudha SreeAn Efficient Noise Insensitive and rotation invariant methods for texture classification JAN 2018
4Dr. M.Sree LathaG.VeerajuCloud Computing and Information Security JAN 2018
5Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara RaoKalyani GA Unified Framework for privacy preserving data mining using computational intelligence techniques JAN 2018
6Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara RaoTirapathi Reddy BSecure Policy based data deduplication techniques in Cloud Storage JAN 2018
7Dr. M.Sree LathaAnupriya KA decisive multi-cloud service broker in multi-cloud environment JAN 2019
8Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara RaoJyothi MPrivacy Preserving Data Mining using Anonymization Techniques JAN 2019
9Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara RaoNaga Prasanthi KAframework To Preserve the Privacy of Data Using Hybrid Privacy Preserving Technique JAN 2020
10Dr. A.SrinageshK. KarthikUser Authentication for Resource Allocation in Cloud Environment using Machine Learning Approach JAN 2020
11Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara RaoSunitha MAn Integrated approach for Deriving High Utility Itemsets and Lossless Condenced Profitable Itemsets JAN 2021
12Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara RaoPrasad Rao KMultimodel Feature Extraction and Fusion for Emotion Recognition MAY 2021
13Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara RaoK.RuthramyaAn Integrated multi-Bio Metric Based Approach to Enhance Data Security in Cloud AUG 2021
Details of Scholars working under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarRegistered Year
1Dr. G.Satyanarayana PrasadV.Rajiv JetsonA Characteristic Based Software Development Process ModelMAY 2008
2Dr. M.Sree LathaAruna Kumari BCloud Data Security Using CCAFJAN 2014
3Dr. M.Sree LathaManga Kumar JAN 2014
4Dr. M.Sree LathaSjrkpadmini Valli VSelecting relevant Features for Text MiningJAN 2014
5Dr. M.Sree LathaSrinu KTask Scheduling in Cloud JAN 2014
6Dr. M.Sree LathaSunitha Bai ZFeature Selection for Text classification TechniquesJAN 2014
7Dr. M.Sree LathaV Durga Prasad JAn efficient clustering approach for land over change detection in Bi temporal remote sensing imagesJAN 2014
8Dr. M.Sree LathaVenkatesh Yadav ADiscovering Correlated Subspace Clusters in 3D Continuous Valued DataJAN 2014
9Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara RaoIrfanbabuskWeb mining for Malware detection in distributed systemsJAN 2014
10Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara RaoKalpana Devi Bai MData Mining-Innovation of comprehensive classification rules using soft computing techniquesJAN 2014
11Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara RaoVinodbabu PJAN 2014
12Dr. M.V.P.Chandra Sekhara RaoMurari Thejovathi Predictive Analysis for Consumer Demand Product in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) using Haddop FrameworkJUL 2019
13Dr. A.SrinageshK.ArunData Mining SpecializationJAN 2016
14Dr. A.SrinageshK.Ravi KumarMobile Networks SpecilizationJAN 2016
15Dr. A.SrinageshK.RohiniData Mining SpecializationJAN 2016
16Dr. Ch.AparnaG.VenkataratnamData Mining SpecializationJAN 2016
17Dr. Ch.AparnaHemalatha.GData Mining SpecializationJAN 2016
18Dr. Ch.AparnaM.M.V.M.KumarComputer NetworksJAN 2016
19Dr. Ch.AparnaR.N.D.S.S.KiranData Mining SpecializationJAN 2016
20Dr. Ch.AparnaSk.SharmilaNetwork SecurityJAN 2016
21Dr. Ch.AparnaVishnu Vardhanrao.MData Mining SpecializationJAN 2016