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Modernization of Labs Grants

S. No.Type of ProjectProject TitleChief Co-Ordinator, DepartmentAmount sanctioned (in lakhs) Year of SanctionStatus
1MODROBS (AICTE)Modernization of Machine Learning LaboratoryDr.M.Sreelatha, CSE 11.57 JUL 2020Ongoing
2MODROBS (AICTE)Modernization of Electronic Circuits & Communication Engineering LabDr. T.Ranga Babu, ECE 9.82 DEC 2019Completed
3MODROBS (AICTE)Campus Smart Grid for Energy ManagementDr. K. Chandra Sekhar, EEE 8.81 DEC 2019Ongoing
4MODROBS (AICTE)Internet of Things (IoT)Dr. A. Srikrishna, IT 5.16 JAN 2019Completed
5MODROBS (AICTE)Modernization of CAM LaboratoryDr. Kommineni Ravindra, ME 7 OCT 2017Completed
6MODROBS (AICTE)Modernization of Civil Engineering labsDr.K.Srinivasu, CE 14.4 SEP 2017Completed
7MODROBS (AICTE)Up gradation of Chemical Reaction Engineering LabDr. M. Venkateswara Rao, ChE 5 JUN 2013Completed
8MODROBS (AICTE)Modernization of Chemical Technology LaboratoryDr. M. Venkateswara Rao, ChE 10 JUN 2013Completed
9MODROBS (AICTE)AC Network AnalyzerDr. K. Chandra Sekhar, EEE 18.85 MAR 2013Completed
10MODROBS (AICTE)Modernization of CAM LaboratoryDr.K.Ravindra, ME 11 SEP 2011Completed
11MODROBS (AICTE)Moderinization of Communication Engineering LabDr. Alapati Sudhakar, ECE 13 JAN 2010Completed
12MODROBS (AICTE)Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) LabDr. A. Srikrishna, IT 5 DEC 2009Completed
13MODROBS (AICTE)Modernization of Wireless LabDr.B.Raveendra Babu, CSE 10 JUN 2008Completed
14MODROBS (AICTE)Wireless LabDr. B. Raveendra Babu, CSE 10 JUL 2007Completed
15MODROBS (AICTE)Development of Microprocessors & Computers LaboratoryDr. Alapati Sudhakar, ECE 6.5 JUL 2007Completed
16MODROBS (AICTE)Modernization of Material Testing LaboratoryDr.K.Srinivasu, CE 7.5 SEP 2002Completed
17MODROBS (AICTE)Standardization of Process in Manufacturing of Composite MaterialsSri G.Bhanuprakash Babu, ME 6 FEB 2002Completed
18MODROBS (AICTE)Advanced Polymers for Biomedical UseDr.K.V.J.Rao, ME 6.5 FEB 2002Completed
19MODROBS (AICTE)Mechatronics LabDr.K.V.J.Rao, ME 12 FEB 2002Completed
20MODROBS (AICTE)Development of Microwave and Advanced Communication Engineering LaboratoryDr. Alapati Sudhakar, ECE 6.5 JAN 2002Completed
21MODROBS (AICTE)CAD Laboratory Dr.K.V.J.Rao, ME 11 FEB 2000Completed
22MODROBS (AICTE)MOD of CAD/CAM LabDr.K.V.J.Rao, ME 5 FEB 1999Completed