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To offer precious help to students interested in music (irrespective of the style -classical or western or folk)


  • We firmly believe that music not only soothes the mind but also helps in its enrichment .So we promote it
  • To unite the students of the college under the cultural fold
  • To help students explore the depths of music


This is one of those clubs where the academic staff are always interested to take part. Not just the students ,even the staff are always delighted by the activities of this club where we generally offer a score of themes offering a chance for music lovers of every genre to take part in . Every event organised the club aims at drawing forth lamented talent in the youngsters who have unflickering adulation towards the finest art of music .. We wish to give all the students with interests and talent diversified over multiple genres to taper their skills .

Members of Committee

S.No. Name of the Staff Member Designation & Department Designation
1 Dr. Ch.H.K. Gopal Associate Professor ,M&H Convener
2 Dr. J.V. Sathyanarayana Assoc. Prof.,Physics Member
3 Dr. G. Chaitanya Assoc. Prof., ME Member
4 Sr. K. Ashok Kumar Asst. PRof., ECE Member
Activities Organized