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Founder President

Jagarlamudi Chandramouli

1. Late Jagarlamudi Chandramouli (1914-1987)

The Founder President of Nagarjuna Education Society. An Industrialist, a Philanthropist and a people�s representative. He is extremely conscious about the Society and welfare of the poor. His vision is responsible for the formation of Nagarjuna Education Society and establishment of five educational institutions including three of higher learning. He is a Chief Donor for the Nagarjuna Education Society and managed the Society for 20 years as President. His personal influence fetched considerable donations for the colleges. An ideal citizen, literally.


Dr. K. Sadasiva Rao

2. Late Dr. K. Sadasiva Rao

The Founder-Secretary of the Society who succeeded Jagarlamudi Chandramouli as President after his death. A renowned surgeon, with a weakness for the rural poor. He provided them with medical treatment at the lowest cost. He was on the faculty of Guntur Medical College and was instrumental in starting the colleges. He provided direction to the Society in policy planning and implementation. He had a taste for literary and cultural activities.

Member & the present

Dr. K. Basavapunnaiah

3. Dr. K. Basavapunnaiah

A Founder Member & the present President of Nagarjuna Education Society is a highly respected Physician, associated with Nagarjuna Education Society since its inception in various capacities as Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary & Correspondent of a college. He himself started a public school under Nagarjuna Education Society. A silent philanthropist whose personal donations of quite a few lakhs to various educational and social organizations is known only to a few. His family trust is one of the principal donors for the institutions.

Member and the present Secretary

Dr. M. Gopalkrishna

4. Dr. M. Gopalkrishna

A Founder Member and the present Secretary of Nagarjuna Education Society and Secretary & Correspondent of R.V.R. & J.C.College of Engineering, Guntur the biggest institute sponsored by Nagarjuna Education Society. A famous Surgeon in this part of the State with a number of awards from Indian Medical Association for outstanding contribution to Surgery.

In spite of being very busy with his medical profession, he spares the time required for attending to the affairs of Nagarjuna Education Society and in managing the biggest institution of the Society. A great human being who lost count of his donations to institutions, temples, organizations and individuals. His family trust is a principal donor for NES and institutions.

He has a cool management style and is very good at breeding managers and delegation of work. He motivates people through liberal appreciation and benefits for the real workers.

Founder Member

Sri. Rayapati Sambasiva Rao

5. Sri. Rayapati Sambasiva Rao

A Member of the present Lok Sabha and the Chairman of Jayalakshmi Group of Enterprises. He is a Founder-Member of the Society. His brother Dr.Rayapati Srinivas and his uncle Vidwan Gogineni Kanakaiah have rendered great service in the development of the Society and the institutions. The Jayalakshmi Group is one of the Chief Donors to the Society/Institution and the services rendered by the Rayapati family, is significant. He is catalyst for development and new ventures.

Some of the donor trusts and commercial establishments who have liberally contributed in kind and as a service are
  1. Jayalakshmi Tobaccos Limited.
  2. Jayalakshmi Charitable Trust.
  3. Navabharat Enterprises.
  4. Sri. Yarlagadda Venkanna Choudary Charities.
  5. Lakshmi Enterprises
  6. KLP Charitable Trust.
  7. Dr. M. Gopalkrishna & Family.
  8. Bommidala Brothers Limited.

The promoters of Nagarjuna Education Society have advanced considerable personal money to the institutions during the lean periods of income, in the early stages of the institutions which is a reflection of their commitment.