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The Genesis & Growth

Established by the renowned Nagarjuna Education Society (1967) in the year 1985, the College drew its initial impetus from peoples representatives, local doctors, charitable trusts and commercial houses of Guntur District.

Today, it enjoys flagship status among the eight constituent institutions that are governed by Nagarjuna Education Society.The founder-members of Nagarjuna Education Society and their successors have provided abundant inputs to turn a mere 3 programmes -180-intake College into a 18 programmes -1200 - intake by the 2020. The premier status of the institution is made possible by sticking to our core-principles of student-focus, Human Resource Development and emphasis on total quality.

To its credit, the institution has been accredited 5 times for all eligible courses by the National Board of Accreditation, AICTE in 1998, 2002, 2007, 2012, & 2017 and had also received NAAC-A Grade. The institute's past efforts in academic performances, and the capability of self governance won the status of autonomy in 2012, and this status of autonomy made it more responsible and ambitious.

Conferment of Rastrapati Award-Indira Gandhi NSS Award in 2014, adjudgement as the second best rated college in the 'academic audit and grading' in 2004 by the A.P. State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE),awarding as the best performing U.G. College in the university examinations, continuously for three years, and a place among the `top-100 engineering colleges in the country, are just a few examples not to boast about the college but to narrate with modesty, the successful path, it is treading on.

Once again, humbly to state, the college is not content with what it accomplished in the form of awards and rewards but is continuously striving to provide holistic education to the engineering aspirants.