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Sports Activities and Recreation

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Sports Committee

Sl. No. Name of the Staff Member & Department Designation
01. Dr.P.Gouri Sankar, Physical Director, Convener
02. Dr.M.Siva Rama Krishna, Physical Director Member
03. Dr.K.Surendranath, Prof., Physics Member
04. Dr.N.V.V.S.Sudheer, Professor, ME Member
05. Dr.V.Sesha Srinivas, Asst.Prof., IT Member
06. Sri M.Srikanth, Assoc.Prof., CSE Member
07. Sri K.Upendra Chowdary, Asst.Prof., ECE Member
08. Sri Ch.Ranga Rao, Asst.Prof., EEE Member
09. Ms.M.Chaitanya, Asst.Prof., CA Member
10. Ms.D.Swapna, Asst.Prof., ME Member
11. Sri B.Sambasiva Rao, Sr.Tech-A, Physics Member
12. Sri T.Mallikharjuna Rao, Sr.Tech-A, CE Member
13. Sri M.Ramesh, Technician, ME Member
14. Ms.P.Vanisree, Tech-A, ECE Member
15. Sri B.Sadasiva Rao, Asst.Librarian, Library Member
16. Sri D.Sambaiah, Jr.Asst., Office Member