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Library The Central Library plays an Important role in the college, it is situated to the north side of the main building. It is a separate building consisting of 5 floors.

Ground Floor

Ground Floor consists of OPAC Services (Online Public Access Catalogue) circulation, Technical, Acquisition, Digital Library, Property Counter and Xerox Section.

First Floor

First Floor consists of issue books.

Second Floor

Second Floor consists of Reference Section.

Third Floor

Third Floor consists of Book Bank Section.

Fourth Floor

Fourth Floor Consists of Digital Library, Back Volumes, Project Reports, Periodical Section and News Papers.

Library Automation
The college library is fully automated with Environ Software with Barcode System. The library is using Environ Software, Banglore for the automation of library operations like circulation, opac.

Internet and Intranet facility:
Staff and students are permitted to use the internet fcility for the purpose of research, paper publication and other information etc.

LibraryDigital Library
The digital library is providing internet facility to all the students and staff with 60 systems.

The digital library has online connectivity to e-Journals:

  1. IEEE
  2. ASME
  3. ASCE
  4. Springer
  5. MGH
  6. JGate
  7. Elsevier
  8. Tidal Data for Video Lectures, National and International Seminars, Conferences.
  9. DelNet, New Delhi for books.
  10. NPTEL for Video Lectures and Conferences.
Book Bank

Book Bank section is maintained in the library for the benefit of SC & ST category students. All the SC & ST category studnets are allowed to borrow 10 books per head from the Book Bank section in addition to the main library borrowed by them.


Total Library Plinth Area 1600 Sq. M
Total Reading Space 735 Sq. M
Seating Capacity 200 Seats
Library Working Hours 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Reference (Working Hours) 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Circulation Section (Working Hours) 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
City Center 4:30 am to 9:30 pm
On sundays & public holidays 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Total Books

No. of Titles 29165
No. of Volumes 104018
Total No. of Back Volumes 4784
Total No. of Project Reports 3000
Total No. C.Ds 4214
ISI Standard Books 1852
Hand Books 978
Data Books 795

The Number of tickets will be issued to staff and students as noted bellow:-

S.No. Category Books Issued Duration
1 Faculty 10 For a semester
2 Computer Programmers & Computer Operators 6 For a period of 14 days
3 Non-teaching Staff 4 For a period of 14 days
4 Students(U.G.) 3 For a period of 14 days
5 Students(P.G.) 4 For a period of 14 days

Department-wise Total No. of Books, Journals and Magazines in the Library

S.No Department Books
Titles Volumes
1 Chemical 1410 5027
2 Civil 3416 11836
3 C.S.E 5708 16460
4 E.C.E 2638 10886
5 E.E.E 1496 8563
6 I.T 2605 7074
7 Mechanical 2711 17365
8 Scienes & Humanities 3175 12218
9 M.B.A 3308 7301
10 M.C.A 2698 7288
Total 29165 104018


S.No Year No.of Books Amount (Rs) Journals & Magazines(Print) Amount (Rs) E-Journals Amount (Rs)
1 2013-14 3130 1262415.18 111 116375 1646420
2 2014-15 1483 548512.15 111 123404 1747055
3 2015-16 4421 1869353.86 114 129020 1917853
4 2016-17 3498 1627548.65 114 133454 2349984


Total Investment on Books Rs. 25408978.00
Total Investment on Journals Rs. 5929866.00
Total Investment on e-journals Rs. 9719167.00
Total Investment on Computers Rs. 2476600.00
Total Investment Rs. 43534611.00

e-Journals- 2016(Amoount Rs. 23,49,984-00)

Digital Resources

  2. International and National Seminars, Conferences, Proceedings from Tidal Data
  3. Books from DELNET New Delhi
  4. NPTEL
S.NoWebsiteBack file access since
4Springer Electrical Electronics & Computer Sciencehttp://www.springerlink.com1997
5MCGRAW HILL Acess Engineeringhttp://2.accessengineeringlibrary.com-
6J-Gate(Engineering Magagement Science)http://www.j-gateplus.com-


S.No. Staff Name Designation Qualification Email
1 M. Jagan Mohan Librarian MA.,M.Li.Sc [email protected]
2 B.Prameela Rani Ass.Librarian MA.,M.Li.Sc [email protected]
3 B. Sadasiva Rao Ass.Librarian MA.,M.Li.Sc [email protected]
4 V.H.Kishore Babu Ass.Librarian MA.,M.Li.Sc [email protected]
5 V. Sambasiva Rao Jr. Asst MA.,M.Li.Sc [email protected]
6 Ch. Subba Rao Jr. Asst MA.,M.Li.Sc [email protected]
7 G. padma Jr. Asst MA.,M.Li.Sc [email protected]
8 M. Udaya Kiran Jr. Asst M.Sc [email protected]
9 B. Jaya Prasad Off. Sub. SSC [email protected]
10 K. Ramesh Off. Sub. SSC [email protected]
11 Ch. Sridhar Off. Sub. BA [email protected]
12 Ch. Sivakumari Off.Sub. SSC [email protected]
13 Y. Chandramouli Off.Sub. B.Com [email protected]

Contact Information

M. Jagan Mohan
RVR & JC College of Engineering
Chowdavaram, Guntur
Andhra Pradesh – 522 019.
Phone No.: 0863-2288254, extn.  -  500.
Cell No.  :  9493243460., Fax No.:       0863 - 2288274