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Internal Examinations Committee

1. Dr.Kolla Srinivas, PrincipalChairman
2. Sri PVS Maruthi Krishna, Associate Professor, CEConvener
3. Sri M.Srikanth Kumar, Assistant Professor, CECo-Convener
4. Dr.DNV Satyanarayana, Associate Professor, ChE Member
5. Dr.G.Swetha, Assistant Professor, ITMember
6. Ms.K.Lakshmi Chaitanya, Assistant Professor, ME Member
7. Sri B.V.Vasantha Rao, Assistant Professor, EEE Member
8. Sri P.Siva Prasad, Assistant Professor, CSE Member
9. Dr.Ch.Rama Krishna, Associate Professor, Chemistry Member
10. Dr.P.Chiranjeevi, Assistant Professor, M&H Member
11. Sri K.Subrahmanyam, Assistant Professor, CSB Member
12. Dr.N.Renuka, Professor, ECE Member
13. Sri P.Siddhartha, Assistant Professor, MS Member
14.Ms.T.Hymavathi, Assistant Professor, CA Member

External Examinations Committee

1. Dr.Kolla Srinivas, Principal Chairman
2. Dr.A.Srinagesh, Professor, CSE Convener
3. Sri G.Srinivasa Rao, Associate Professor-ITCo-Convener
4. Sri K.J.L.Narayana, Associate Professor-M&H Member
5. Dr.D.N.V.Satyanarayana, Associate Professor-ChE Member
6. Dr.N.Chaithanya, Associate Professor-EEE Member
7. Sri M.Brahmaiah, Assistant Professor-CSE Member
8. Smt.P.Sailaja, Assistant Professor-ECE Member
9. Sri M.Srikanth Kumar, Assistant Professor-CE Member
10. Sri Y.N.V.Sai Ram Kumar, Assistant Professor-ME Member
11. Sri N.Srikanth, Assistant Professor-CSM Member
12. Sri M.Satyanarayana Reddy, Assistant Professor-CSD Member
13. Ms.N.Krishnaveni, Assistant Professor-MBA Member
14. Ms.T.Hymavathi, Assistant Professor-MCA Member
15. Ms.V.L.Suneetha, Assistant Professor-PhysicsMember
16. Sri D.Sambaiah, Senior Assistant, Office Member
17. Sri K.Sri Harsha, Programmer-cum-DEO, OfficeMember
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