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SICO(Student Integrated Committee)

Student Integrated Committee has a large number of Student Initiated Clubs for   development of personality and managerial knowledge and skills; values and ethics   needed to make an honorable living and contribute to the socioeconomic development   and welfare of the society. SICO committee works in coordination with Literary and   cultural committee.

  1. Induction of 'service' in education for imparting 'education for total transformation'.
  2. Development of integrated manpower possessing technological and managerial knowledge and skills;values and ethics needed to make an honorable living and contribute to the socio-economic development and welfare of the society.
  3. Student motivation and career guidance.
  4. Providing basic infrastructure to old-age homes,orphanages,asylums and blind schools.
  5. Propogating the ideals and benefits of'right to education'to students of remote areas.
  6. Integration of various efforts into a collective whole for the enhancement of efficiency and effectiveness of technical education and welfare activities..
  7. Organising workshops and seminars.

Various student initiated clubs under SICO are:


Aim: The club is a student initated literary club which primarily aims at tapering the literary skills that are vested within varius students .

Objectives :

* To familiarize the students of the college with the competetive environment of real world
* To equip the students with various vocal and written techniques which are essential for the students in today's competetive environment
* To improve the inteaction in the college between students from different branches.
* To enhance the creativity vested within the young minds of the students.
The club generally organises a literary event which covers the general events held in the inter-collegiate festivals . The idea behind such organisation of the events is to prepare the students to be comfortable on all fronts when they represent the college in events held at various fests . This also helps the students to familiarize with the present trends followed in various literal events at various levels . Yet another important aspect of the club is that it focusses on developing and sharpening the leadership skills and team spirit in the students. So that they will feel at home when they get to lead to a group or to act as a team member in their professional life. Thus the club aims not just at short term improvement of the students capabilities and skills but it helps the students to grow as a whole human being keeping in view the life that is ahead of them.

Dr. Kolla Srinivas - Cultural committe head and convenor
N.Nikhil (Y13ME888) - Student executive secretary



Aim: The club is a student run fine arts club which primarily aims at honing the finer skills that are vested in the students .

Objectives :

* To expose the students of the college to situations similar to the one they will be challenged with in the real world
* To unite the students of the college under the cultural fold
* To encourage the students to utilize their creativity & enhance their hidden skills


We mainly take up the activities like pencil shading ,mehendi , t-shirt painting etc.... In brevity the clubs activities deal with
finesse . We believe that nurturing these interests of the students helps them in overall development as a complete human.
We lay emphasis in letting the thoughts of the young minds flow freely and take shape in which ever way they feel comfortable.


Dr. Kolla Srinivas - Cultural committe head and convenor
P.Midhun (Y13CS902) - Student executive secretary


Aim : To try and ignite the inner thoughts of students through enlightening speeches delivered by professionals

Objectives :

* To make every student an acheiver
* To help the students realize what their true interests are
*To aid the students to select their role models

It might be common in many colleges to arange guest lectures. But, in our institution we select each of our guest speakers with utmost care and also analyze and chalk out the impact each speaker may have on our students . While each branch generally arranges their own guest lectures from elites & professors held in high regard in their respective fields of academic expertise , the club tries to help build a strong emotional character in the students through speeches from carefully handpicked speakers. Indefatigable efforts are put in to ensure that each speaker who comes in and delivers a lecture will be made available if the need be so in order to meet the requirements of the students . It is not uncommon that most of the effective speakers may come more than once ......

Dr. Kolla Srinivas - Cultural committe head and convenor
N.Hemanth (Y13CS909) - Student executive secretary


AIM : To render valuable help to students interested in dance ( irrespective of the style -classical or western or group or folk)

Objectives :

* To promote competitive spirit
* To emphasize on the importance of team spirit and understand how to learn from failure
*To promote healthy discussions so as to improve the skills of the students


The club organizes dance competetions with varrious themes so as to belittle none and give a chance for dancers of every known style to showcase their skill and find like minded people . Each competetion helps in pooling up a great revserve of dancers for the college . These young talents who showcase and prove themselves are selected to represent the college not only on important occassions in the college but they are encouraged to visit other colleges at state and national level cultural fests ..

Dr. Kolla Srinivas - Cultural committe head and convenor
M.Naga sai (Y13IT876) - Student executive secretary


AIM : Draw forth the hidden creativity and innovations that can help instill confidence .....

Objectives :

* To promote competitive spirit
* To allow thoughts to run freely

The club organizes a wide variety of competetions ranging from ad -making to short fil making so as to give the students a platform and chance to vent their feelings and talents . In every competetion we try to organise with innovative themes thus trying to offer challenges which would need lots of strategic planning and impeccable implementation .
Through such activities the club helps not only in providing an outlet to the students but also gives them a chance to showcase their talents on a grand platform. These activities also help in building self confidence in the students..

Dr. Kolla Srinivas - Cultural committe head and convenor
Y.Rama Krishna (Y13ME980) - Student executive secretary


AIM : To offer precious help to students interested in music ( irrespective of the style -classical or western or folk)


* We firmly believe that music not only soothes the mind but also helps in its enrichment .So we promote it
*To unite the students of the college under the cultural fold
*To help students explore the depths of music


This is one of those clubs where the academic staff are always interested to take part. Not just the students ,even the staff are always delighted by the activities of this club where we generally offer a score of themes offering a chance for music lovers of every genre to take part in . Every event organised the club aims at drawing forth lamented talent in the youngsters who have unflickering adulation towards the finest art of music .. We wish to give all the students with interests and talent diversified over multiple genres to taper their skills .

Dr. Kolla Srinivas - Cultural committe head and convenor
M.Mastan Chowdary (Y13CH831) - Student executive secretary


AIM : To inculcate the precious habit of reading in students ...


* To help students understand the importance of reading in general
*To discuss the vital points in selected works of literature
*To expose some old works of literature and discuss their importance


Every time the club meets the students are asked to suggest some books . These may be of different genres or the same . The organiser picks up the book he feels best amongst the suggested ones .He/she discusses about the plot of the book and in general about the various points the book highlights. Such discussions tend to higlight the main idea which is projected by the book and helps the students in gathering an idea about the book without actualy having to It is also customary that the organiser piles up a list of suggestible books of different genres whihc he suggets the students to read...

Dr. Kolla Srinivas - Cultural committe head and convenor
Y.Rajesh (Y13ME978) - Student executive secretary



AIM : To gather videos with help of students in order to promote technical knowledge ...


* To provide visuals that can help students learn new technologies
*To provide the students with a chance to amass loads of technical skill in brief span


The club generally showcases videos ( technical only ) so as to expose the students to the latest technological trends. It helps the students to gain a visual idea of how things actually are and how things actually work . A time limit is generally placed on the duration of each video so that also helps in sharpening the editing skills of the students, By such activities we wish to help the students improve in multiple disciplines in just one endeavor thus saving them loads of time .
Even just attending the activities of the club will help the students to gather huge amounts of knowledge on various disciplines...

Dr. Kolla Srinivas - Cultural committe head and convenor
D.Surya Prakesh (Y13ME831) - Student executive secretary

Various club events conducted by SICO







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