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Literary and Cultural Committee is working with an objective of giving a holistic approach to professional higher education. The Committee intends to create an atmosphere, which is intellectually and aesthetically stimulating for the community on the campus. In the pursuit of its objective, Cultural and Literary activities are held regularly. In addition, the Committee also organizes workshops, seminars, lectures, and demonstrations. The activities are informal and are intended to sensitize the academic world to other dimensions of human experience and knowledge, with the hope that this would enrich the lives of students and make them aware of their social responsibilities and understand the implications of their actions. The main responsibility of this committee is to ensure smooth conduct of ANNUAL DAY celebrations and selecting the students team to participate in Inter Collegiate Cultural festivals.

  1. To strive to recognize and appreciate the dormant multi-talents of students.
  2. To serve a platform to exhibit and enrich their skills.
  3. To encourage the multi talents of student by proper guidance.
  4. To develop traits like co-ordination and team spirit.....etc., among the students.
  5. To act as a conduit to translate their gifted talents and usher them into a joy in a unique way.
  6. To initiate student participation by the formation of a student activities club.

Faculty NameDesignationDepartment
Dr. Kolla Srinivas, Convener Professor  Mechanical
Dr. J.V.Sathyanarayana Assoc. Prof   Physics
Smt K. Sravanthi Asst. Prof  ECE
Sri P. Venkateswara Rao Asst. Prof  Chemistry
Sri K.Sudhakar Asst. Prof   M&H
Sri K.Srinivasa Rao Asst. Prof   IT
Sri P.Ramakrishna Asst. Prof  CSE
Ms. P.Kishore Babu Asst. Professor  EEE
Sri GRN Chowdary Tech-B  Mechanical
Sri M.Srinivasa Rao Tech.B  Mechanical
Sri D.V.Bhanu Prakesh Sr.Steno-Typist  Mechanical
Sri G.V.S Prasad Tech-B   ECE
Smt.P.Vanisree Sr.Tech-A  ECE
Sri V.Mastan Rao Wireman   EEE
Sri B.N.Chandrasekhar Hardware Tech.,   T&P Cell
Sri A.Sambasiva Rao Jr.Asst.,  Office
Sri K.Hari Babu Jr.Asst.,  Office