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Cultural committee works in coordination with literary and cultural committee. This committe regularly conducts various cultural activities for the students of RVR&JC CE in order to exhibit their own talents. These programs will be conducted in Sri. G. Ramarayudu Auditorium or Sri CNR Open air theatre. The various cultural events conducted under cultural committee are

  1. Singing - Classical, Light, Folk (Solo & Group).
  2. Dance - Classical, Folk, Western (Solo & Group).
  3. Instrumental - Flute, Tabla, Piano, Veena etc.
  4. Mono Action.
  5. Miming.
  6. Dialogue Delivery.
  7. Skit.
  8. Mimicry.
  9. Choreography.
  10. Traditional Show.
  11. Czars.
  12. Drama.
  13. Action - Over Action.
  14. Any creative Entertainment Event.

Student prize winners in events conducted intercollegiate events by various institutes.

Academic Year 2012-2013 - PRIZE WINNERS
Academic Year 2011-2012 - PRIZE WINNERS
Academic Year 2010-2011 - PRIZE WINNERS
Academic Year 2009-2010 - PRIZE WINNERS