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Literary Committee

The Literary committee works in coordination with literary and cultural committee. The main objective of Literary committee is to enhance the literary skills of students, to bring to light the hidden talents among the students and conduct various literary events providing a platform for the students to come up with their not so known skills . It strives in developing an unbounded and strong platform to bring overall development of the students. It not only commits itself to the English language but discovers new vistas for our mother tongue-TELUGU. The committee provides opportunities to students to express themselves very confidently.

Objectives of Literary committee :
  1. To conduct competitions for literary events like Debates, Elocution, Extempore, Poetry writing, Essay writing, JAM and Group discussions.
  2. To conduct inter and intra literary events in the college.
  3. To encourage students to attend literary events outside the college.
  4. To encourage students to make literary contributions to the college magazines in the form of articles, poetry and other write-ups.
  5. To display newspaper clippings and thought for the day on the bulletin board.