Welcome to RVR & JC College of Engg


  1. No student will be allowed into the examination hall after 30 minutes and is not permitted to leave the hall before half of the time allotted.
  2. Cell phones are not allowed in to the examination hall.
  3. If a student brings cell phone to the examination hall, his/her examination will be cancelled and the cell phone will not be returned.
  4. Students should not carry any written material to the examination. Students are instructed to check their pockets and wallets / purses before entering into the examination hall.
  5. Students should ensure that they do not have any write-ups on their body as well as the garments worn by them.
  6. Students should keep their bags and books in the property counter only. Keeping valuables in the bags is at one’s own risk.
  7. Students should not write any thing on the question paper except the register number.
  8. If a student violates any of the rules, his / her examination will be cancelled.