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"More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate."

- Roy T. Bennett

Transition to professional College life is a major change for most of the students as many aspects are new and different. There are many new, more responsibilities to be handled alone at academic and personal fronts. There are issues like academic pressures, social and interpersonal concerns that may result into feeling of loneliness, fear of failure, competitive, financial pressure, anxiety, and stress and anger that impact one's confidence etc.

These concerns need to be ventilated and to be heard by a trusted, friendly, experienced and mature counsellors. Counselling can help students handle these pressures and our students need to understand the need for these learning interventions. We all need help at different points in time. Please seek help for many a things we can't handle alone.

Psychological problem is one of major issues that students often face and find it hard to deal with. With proper guidance and mentoring they are saved from the issues that negatively impact their studies, life's challenges and ensure peace of mind.

  1. Counselling helps problem solving skills that help them in their college life and beyond; be it academic, emotional, social or financial issues without hesitation.
  2. Counselling helps them to know how to deal with different and difficult situations during their college life. They would know why it is important to share issues with trusted counsellors who ensures the confidentiality.
  3. Counselling helps students in living a disciplined life and know how to deal with different people. During one-on-one meetings with your counsellor, students can explore opportunities, resolve their problems and work towards healthier and happier life.
  4. Wellness and Counselling faculty are the trained experts with knowledge of Psychology, Student's behavior and their problems.They know the situations that make students feel lost and confused about their lives and academic career. The present dynamic and ever changing world needs empathic and experienced counsellors to provide timely guidance & direction to students to realize, optimize their full potential.

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