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What makes an idea grow into something real?
What takes the "aha!" spark of creation and sustains it through the ups and downs?

At RVR & JCCE, we recognize that business competitions provide a highly valuable and rigorous learning experience, regardless of whether your career goals include launching a business, growing an enterprise or designing a corporate innovation initiative.

Competitions allow you to gain feedback from customers and industry experts, the ability to expand your network, hone your pitch, receive non-dilutive startup funding and test your innovative ideas early and often.

Big Idea Challenge is to help students bring an idea to life!!!

It's open to all students & staff at RVR & JCCE, and there are prizes of Rs 10,000/-, Rs 5,000/- and Rs 3000/- for the top three ideas. By Participating in these competitions, you come to know the levels of your curiosity and confidence, with a healthy dose of "who says I can't" mixed in.

This great initiative represents an opportunity for ALL students & Staff to have exposure to the world of entrepreneurship and to have a hands-on experience to explore and propose new innovative business projects.

Each selected team will have to submit an Executive Summary of their Business Plan proposal and make a Business Pitch presentation.

The last date to submit your online entry is 25th September 2017.

For more details visit and participate enthusiastically!!!

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