Welcome to RVR & JC College of Engg


Some listed objectives of the value education program for the promotion of:

  1. Geographic, religious and cultural unity through observation of national events related to patriotism, education, and cultural festivals.
  2. Linguistic & emotional unity, Internal peace and right, progressive thinking through various literary and musical events like music, dance, dramatics and other fine arts.
  3. Professional ethics including environmental consciousness through motivational talks and invited lectures by eminent scholars in engineering, science and technology
  4. 'Live and let Live' attitude by offering free child and adult education programs in the locality to wean away youngsters as well as elderly from the social imbalances and promote ‘healthy thinking’ under the aegis of NSS
  5. Leadership, productiveness and helping others flourish through NSS and NCC activities
  6. 'Art of Living' through scholarly discourses / social and cultural recitations (Pravachanas) by eminent Vedic scholars
  7. Judicious use of gadgets, media and literature respecting others’ privacy and opinions.
  8. Aesthetic appreciation and geographical understanding through field trips/short visits in conjunction with academic short/long tours.
  9. Introduction of new courses like ‘Spiritual heritage of India’, ‘Unity of Religions’, ‘Fatherhood of God’, ‘Brotherhood of Man’ etc. is proposed to be taken up initially as a short series of discourses / lectures and later into formal courses.