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E X E C U T I V E   B O D Y

Position Name of the Faculty Mobile No. Email ID
Former Convener Dr. K. Ravindra
Prof. & HOD,
Mechanical Engg.
9849660254 [email protected]
Convenor Smt. K. Swarnasri
Electrical & Electronics Engg
9848030499 [email protected]
Executive Member Dr. Dr. K.S. BalaMurugan
Assoc. professor
Maths & Humanities
9440644473 [email protected]
Executive Member Smt S. Radhika
Asst. Professor
Mechanical Engg.
9885138903 [email protected]
Executive Member Dr. K. Surya Narayana
Assoc. Professor
Management Sciences
7702123673 [email protected]
Executive Member Mrs. P.P.S.Subhashini
Assoc. Professor
Electronics & Communication Engg.
9989499310 [email protected]
Executive Member Sri M. Srikanth
Assoc. Professor
Computer Science &Engg.
9618455466 [email protected]
Executive Member Mr. Alapati Yaswanth Kumar
Asst. Professor.
Information Technology
9966049619 [email protected]
Executive Member Smt M. Chaitanya
Asst. Professor, M.C.A.
8309278127 [email protected]
Executive Member Mrs. M. Sudheera
Asst. Professor, Chemical Engineering
9703150158 [email protected]
Executive Member Sri B. Sarath Chandra
Asst. Professor, Electrical &Electronics Engg.
94401790295 [email protected]
Executive Member Mr. K. Leela Krishna
Asst. Professor, Electrical &Electronics Engg.
9948050933 [email protected]
Executive Member Sri D. Kondala Rao
Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engineering
9885637031 [email protected]
Executive Member Sri B. Sai Mounika
Asst. Professor, Electronics & Communication
- [email protected]
Executive Member Sri M. Himaja
Asst. Professor, Electronics & Communication
9491986590 [email protected]